Bettina Ludwig-Diouf  
Dr. med. Bettina Ludwig-Diouf  
Born 1962 in Munich  
School Munich and Essen  
1982 Biology Studies at Munich University  
From 1984 Medicine Studies in Bochum and Bonn  
1991 to 1999 Consultant training at Bonn University Womens Clinic:
Gynaecology Department under Prof. Krebs. Obstetric Department under Prof. Hansmann
Department of Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine under Prof. van der Veen
1999 to 2001 Consultant mainly for Pregnancy care and obstetrics at Bonn University Womens Clinic  
2001 to 2006 City doctor in Cologne at the Advice Centre for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases  
From 2006 Takeover of the gynaecological practice from my father, Prof. Hans Ludwig, in Basel  
Marital status separated, 2 children  
Gerlinde Zingg  
Gerlinde Zingg  
Practice Assistant)
Mary Holzer
Mary Holzer
Practice Associate